If you are looking for a premium lifestyle brand that is different and individual - look no further. We are loud, colorful and stylish. Our high-quality sweatshirts are cozy and comfortable and represent a cool lifestyle. Our mission is for you to be in a good mood as soon as you get dressed and that this joy of life accompanies you throughout the day.

With children, life is colorful and you never know what’s coming next. That’s our way of doing things at CHIO MI - there are no rules. We want you to have fun and dance through life without a care. Being in a good mood is how we operate; we are convinced that fashion as well as lifestyle contribute to your mood every day. CHIO MI is your family mood booster. Whether our products are for you, your children, your partner, your parents or everyone else surrounding you, they serve the purpose of starting the day together in the best mood possible.

Take a look for yourself - but beware! - your child is guaranteed to say: ‘Mom, I need this sweatshirt!’

Our products are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and support your wearing comfort as well as sustainable production. These aspects of production are an important contribution to the environment and society and matters which are close to our heart.

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 CHIOMI Founders Julia Wallner & Marilena Funck