Our goal is to support underprivileged children especially where perspectives and opportunities are not given. A percentage of each purchase is donated to the GRUND FÜR GUTES project. With every sweatshirt purchase, a day of school at the Omomas Care Center in Namibia is made possible for a child. This is a small contribution which we hope to expand to larger projects in the future.



It is an unsettling feeling when you make a donation and you don’t know exactly what your money is going towards. We understand how important transparency is and are happy to a have found such a project with ‘Grund für Gutes’. Christian, who we met in 2020 through friends, started the project after living at the ‘Omomas Care Center’ in Namibia for a few years. Carrying the country and the people he met there in his heart, he set up ‘Grund für Gutes’ in 2016. Together with Pro Namibian Children e.V. (PNC), ‘Grund für Gutes’ promotes the development and digitisation of the Omomas school.

At CHIO MI, we trust in the valuable work that the team has been doing there for many years. We hope to support the children living there in their creative development and schooling and help them have a happy life every day as well as a better and more promising future.

You can find out more about GRUND FÜR GUTES




Pro Namibian Children e.V. (PNC) has been involved in the south of Namibia for over 10 years, specifically in regions where a large number of less fortunate children live.  The Omomas Care Center has grown into a home for 120 children aged six to sixteen.

Omomas is a place of learning for life. The children are cared for by volunteers: learning the basics of daily hygiene, receiving a balanced diet while being supervised with their homework and learning how to live together peacefully in the community and how tiodeal with important issues such as HIV.

‘Helping people to help themselves’ is the building block in the organisation. This is implemented by imparting practical knowledge and skills to the children as well as the educational staff on site and promotes the independence of the people and the project in the long term.

The foundation for successful, educational work and sustainable growth is the relationship with the children and teenagers on site. Children need appreciation, security, role models and boundaries in order to develop trust in themselves and the world. Loving and caring supervisors are therefore one of our most important pillars.

Taking a sustainable and eco-conscious approach to production is important to us. That's why our sweatshirts are produced in Portugal from 100% certified organic cotton. Our packaging materials are made of environmentally friendly or recycled paper or plastic.